Why Your Practice Website Needs SEO

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Why Your Practice Website Needs SEO

For those dental practices that already have a great website, one might wonder why they also need SEO to go with it. Surely a great looking website is enough?

You’ve probably heard that your website is like your dental practice’s digital storefront. Now imagine if that storefront was located miles out of town, far away from where your potential dental patients live. This is what happens when you don’t leverage the power of SEO for your website.

SEO drives organic traffic to your website

SEO is the one type of advertising that initiates ‘pull’ marketing. It takes the client to your practice website, as opposed to other kinds of advertising that places advertisements in front of the client.

For example, if a potential consumer goes onto Google and searches for information on dental crowns, they are the ones who take the initiative. By reading a piece of material on your website and clicking on your website, the consumer is the one who makes the effort to learn about your company. Therefore, they become a much higher quality lead than a prospect found through outbound marketing methods like a website banner.

This more ‘organic’ method of brand discovery means you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in ad spending, pop-ups or any other annoying marketing tactic which could annoy the people you are trying to appeal to.

Organic search is a large part of all website traffic

More than 5 billion Google searches are made daily. Anyone who has access to the internet is using Google search or one of its other products at least once a day for information. The most popular search engine in the world also owns the most popular email and video sharing websites.

Therefore, being seen as an authoritative source of information by the Google’s algorithms is always going to bring dividends. The combination of a high quality SEO campaign and website will help you achieve this.

A great website experience means nothing if no one can find it

User experience (UX) is a big deal for any company website today. However, you could have the most well-designed, mobile friendly and user-friendly website on the planet, but if no one can find it, then there is no point in it being there.

This is why SEO and good website design need to work together. UX focuses mainly on engaging clients once they reach your website and execute a design that reduces distraction to enhance conversions. However, the design of your website is pointless if you have no traffic to convert. SEO achieves this by concentrating on driving traffic to your website.

Simply put, you need a good SEO approach as well as a good website user experience to boost your likelihood of converting dental patient leads.

Local SEO Means Increased Engagement, Traffic & Conversions

When people use a search engine to find something “near me,” 88% of them are doing it on mobile devices. This means there a lot of people who use search engines to find information about local businesses. These local and mobile searches are rising at 146% every year.

With the increase and increasing dominance of mobile traffic, local search has become a key component of the achievement of small and medium-sized businesses like dental practices. If your dental practice is like any that we worked with before, then local clientele forms the backbone of your business. This puts you in a unique position to benefit from local SEO optimization.

Local SEO aims to optimize your website for the area that your practice serves, so that individuals can discover you rapidly and easily, placing them one step closer to a transaction. Local optimizations concentrate on particular cities, cities, areas, and even countries, in order to create an effective platform for brand messaging at the local level.

Through local SEO efforts, you can be positioned as a dental authority in your local area, helping draw in the local clients that local businesses like yours are dependent on.

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A modern, responsive website and great SEO will do wonders for your practice’s brand presence. Are you looking for some help in building your brand and getting more dental patients? Get in touch with us today for a consultation with one of our expert marketing consultants.