The Dental Pay Per Click Guide

Digital Ads for DENTAL PRACTICES - Any business looking to improve their online presence should start with search engine optimization. For those who have done everything they can to boost their organic search, the next step is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Done correctly, this is the fastest and most cost-effective way to bring dental patients to your practice.

What is pay per click?

Pay-per-click marketing is an advertising platform where marketers don't pay for the advertisement space until it is used by a potential customer. This is in contrast to pay-per-view (PPV) marketing, in which the advertiser pays for each time a website visitor opens the website and sees the advertisement. With PPC, the advertiser pays only when the advertisement is clicked by a user.

The most popular Dental PPC ads appear on the results pages of search engines such as Google or Bing. PPC enables you to immediately appear at the top of your search outcomes with a targeted advertising and social media ad strategy intended to attract local patients to use your services.

How can dental PPC help my practice?

  • Higher conversion rates

    Assuming your SEO campaign is successful, your interested leads aren’t looking for resources anymore, they’re looking to act on a problem they are having. These potential clients are willing to click on the advertisements that promise a solution. PPC helps push this group through the marketing funnel and into your dental practice.

  • Pay as you go

    In order to run a viable business, we understand that you need to generate revenues while being able to control costs. This is where PPC excels. By only paying for the ads that people click on, not a single ad is wasted. And Since everything is quantifiable, you can quickly monitor whether running a particular dentist PPC campaign is lucrative and adjust your strategy in response to this information.

  • Find your unique audience

    When running a PPC campaign, you choose the places and times your advertisements will appear depending on keywords, place, website, device, time and date and many other factors. This autonomy enables you to segment your audience and market your services to the right people.

  • Optimized for your local area

    PPC is super effective for local search. People looking for dental services in their neighborhood using their mobile phones can see your advertisements, click them, and get directions on how to get to your practice. Statistics indicate that 75% of search engine users are more likely to visit a place of business if they locate it in the search results.

  • Fast results

    The value of Search Engine Optimization is undeniable, but it does take a little time to produce results. But with PPC, you can run a targeted advertising campaign and begin seeing conversions almost right away.

  • Easy to refine

    The low-cost and fast results of PPC allow you to take an incremental strategy to PPC campaigns. We like to run a campaign for a few weeks, then use our reporting tools to monitor and modify your PPC campaign for maximum effectiveness. We also use industry-standard tools to provide comprehensive reports that identify the most effective paid advertisements.

How we maximize your Pay-Per-Click Investment

  • Landing Pages

    We see effective landing page design as one of the most effective ways to improve conversions from your prospective patients. They are built with a stronger call to action which is meant to encourage decisive action. This is different from your homepage, which is meant to guide your visitors around your website.

    With pay-per-click advertising, using effective landing page design is extremely important to help with conversion and return on investment. Your practice home page is meant to navigate prospects through your website, while PPC landing pages are designed with more calls to action and to initiate quicker conversions.

  • Dynamic Content

    With paid ads, diversity is the key to success. We initiate several ads which focus on a range of different dental patients. This enables us to send tailored messages to different groups of consumers. Appeal directly to different sections of your target demographic with us, and reap increased conversions!

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