Digital Ads For Dental Practices

Digital advertising works extremely well in the world of dentistry. With Doctor Websites, it is not uncommon for our clients to see a two-, three-, or even five-hundred percent return on investment from well targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Since most consumer experiences begin with a search engine query, Dr. Websites works to increase your dental practice’s visibility on a search result list through the use of digital advertising. Our process is collaborative: we will work with you to put together ad copy based on what our experience tells us is most effective, and then test those ads against variants to see which ones garner the best response from you. This is just one small part of our process in continuously improving and tailoring your web presence.

Our Approach to Dental PPC

Elements of SEM

In combining a number of SEM optimization tools and strategies, Doctor Websites creates a website for your practice that employs strategies such as SEO software, on site and off site optimization, directory citation, and testimonials and reviews to boost your ranking and increase your visibility both online and in your field and geographic area. A huge part of search engine marketing is advertising: digital ads and paid social on social media networks. These web marketing strategies draw visitors to your optimized website, which in turn translates into more clients at your dental office.

Dental PPC: Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Let’s say someone is searching for a dentist in Chicago who performs wisdom tooth extraction. They’ll type these key words into Google or another search engine and peruse the results list. At the top of this list, they’ll see “digital ads,” which are pay-per-click ads that we’ve strategically worked to appear in specific search queries. This visibility at the top of a search results list gives your dental practice much more exposure than being listed lower on the results.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is exactly what it sounds like: when someone clicks on your digital ad, then you pay. The cost of PPC ads is quite low compared to the return on investment you’d get from a new client to your dental practice. There are many different formats and attention-grabbers that can be used to draw clients to your practice through PPC dentist digital marketing. Talk to us to learn about your options.

Dental Social Media Advertising on Facebook for Your Practice

For many people, Facebook is their go-to when they get online. It’s how they get the news and how they learn more about businesses in their area. A targeted paid social campaign is an effective way to draw in new clients in your geographical location. Not only do Facebook ads increase traffic to your website, it shapes a shareable presence for your dental practice in a social network setting, which leads to “word-of-mouth” visibility, drawing new people to your practice through recommendations.

Landing Pages

Digital ads and paid social are attention-grabbers that draw people to your dental practice’s website. Think of a landing page as any point of entry to your practice’s website after someone clicks on a digital ad. A visitor to your website might get there through a specific search for a topic, such as pediatric dentistry in your geographical area.

With digital advertising on search engines with keywords, your ad might appear at the top of someone’s search result list. Once they click through, they will be met with a landing page that we’ve designed. With a targeted paid social campaign, people have the option of clicking through to a landing page on your website.

With a user-friendly, modern design and strategic headlines, any website page that a visitor “landed on” gives them the option to easily navigate to other parts of your website. Moving beyond the landing page gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about your dental services or to access other resources, such as blog posts or your team’s professional qualifications on an “About Us” page. Our well-designed website pages may lead them on to a call-to-action – such as scheduling an appointment – or give them more information on specializations offered by your practice or perhaps a current campaign your practice is holding, such as “October is National Dental Hygiene Month.”

Regardless of where a person “lands” on your website, our experience with incorporating SEM elements and proven landing page concepts work to drastically increase your conversions.

ROI Tracking

Behind the scenes, we know that you want to know whether these technical internet marketing tools give you a clear return on investment. An important part of SEM lies in data analysis and information tracking. With our knowledge on SEO concepts and on-going optimization practices, we prove results by collecting as much information as possible to show you how your ads are performing.


Too many agencies charge fees that hurt your return on investment. Our industry experience allows us to be extremely efficient, which lowers your costs. Interested in learning more? Contact us.

of online experiences begin with a search engine

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