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Our Approach to Dentistry Website Design

Custom dental website design is as much of an artform as it is a science. We work with you to understand the nuances of the culture or your practice, and your area, in order to provide a more personal experience to your website visitors.

If you conceptualize your website as the first contact a potential patient has with your practice, what would you want them to see? Your dental website design and aesthetics can help assuage any anxieties, while the information people seek can be accessible and clear. With the majority of people searching for medical information on the internet, your website is the lifeblood of your entire online presence.


Whether your practice focuses on general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, or emergency dental care, we’re here to make sure that your website reflects the services and care you provide. Does that mean you need to be taken away from your dental practice to constantly update your website content and answer questions? No. That’s where we come in: our team at Doctor Websites is a group of web designers, writers, and SEO specialists who how to shape dentistry websites with modern design, the latest content, and take care of the heavy lifting, so that you can continue to do what you do best: serve your patients.

Modern Dental Website Design

Your website needs to be cutting edge and clean to make you stand out from your competitors, while being clear and user-friendly to ensure that your potential patients are able to access the information they seek. With 80% of people using search engines to look for local businesses, we want to make sure that your website provides them the information they need as well as the encouragement to make their way to your brick and mortar office.

Our process is simple and effective, allowing you to provide as much or as little input as you desire, while still creating and maintaining a website you will be proud to call your own. In our process of building and maintaining your website, we combine our techniques and experience to help your website rank high based on your geographical location. Our design includes attention the little details, such as menu design, readability, font size, and ease of navigation. These behind-the-scenes elements are packaged in a fresh and attractive design aesthetic.

Mobile Friendly

With nearly 60% of internet traffic now conducted on mobile devices, your dental practice website needs to appeal to mobile users and desktop users alike. A mobile-friendly website is particularly important because we carry our smartphones with us everywhere – which means it is most likely that your potential dental patients will be looking at your practice’s website on their phone. With HTML5 and CSS3 languages, we build a website that looks good on the big screen of a laptop or the smaller, handheld screen of a smartphone.

Search Engine Visibility

SEO is complicated, but think of it this way: when you search for a local business on a search engine, you’re essentially asking a question. A number of elements come in to play that ranks websites in a particular order in the list of search results. SEO is an important element of the work we do for you, and it is an on-going process that involves a combination of optimal keywords, fresh content, and website design. When a potential patient does a search for a dentist practice in your geographical location, our SEO services, website design, and on-going maintenance make sure your dental practice’s website has the best chance of success from the start.

of online experiences begin with a search engine

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