The Importance of Content in a Local SEO Strategy

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The Importance of Content in a Local SEO Strategy

With today’s advanced search algorithms and smart customers, it is no longer enough for customers to know about your dental practice by name. To stand out in the industry, you need to engage your clients at a level which goes beyond merely providing a comprehensive dental service.

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of useful, insightful, high-quality content that has been produced to solve the problems that your audience face everyday. When you produce and share content that is specific to dentistry and related topics, it helps readers understand who you are, what our expertise is on the topic and how they can improve their lives with the information you are providing.

Why content is important for your local SEO strategy

1. You need content to rank for the right keywords

Although major developments have been made in ranking web pages and blog posts based on their true value, keywords are still important. You can judge the significance of keywords by the simple fact that your ranking counts on whether or not you have used your keywords in the title of your web page or blog post.

It’s only through targeted content writing that you can use the correct keywords to satisfy search engine algorithms. If you don’t produce any content, it may be difficult for you to rank for the correct keywords.

The keywords discovered here will likely have a slightly different strategy than a pay per click one. For more info on Pay Per Click  See our Doctor Websites PPC Guidebook

2. Quality content helps you rise up the search rankings

For local dental practices such as yours, quality content writing is the only way to obtain social validation in the form of shares, likes and positive reviews.

When your content provides value, when individuals discover what they’re looking for via your content, they tend to interact with your content using social media and social networking sites. They might share your content on their timeline or with their friends. Search engines see these activities as social validation, and then use this validation to rank your content higher.

3. Quality content leads to quality backlinks

Backlinks are the practice of other websites linking back to your content. Websites do this because they like the content you are producing. Backlinks are a signal to search engines that your content is valuable because other people are vouching for your content. They see backlinks as validation and use this validation to rank your websites and blog posts.

4. Google needs content to rank you

If you don’t have content, it’s impossible to rank your website. By producing regular content, you are giving search engines regular chances to rank your content, based on a specific set of keywords.

The key to quality content

There has always been a need for quality content, and now it’s even more vital. Simply writing blog posts and website pages exclusively for search engines— linking every other phrase and overusing keywords — is becoming more and more ineffective. Now users are seeking quality. But what does that look like? Your content should be:

Useful: Your content should provide actionable advice that the user can take away and apply in their everyday life. This convinces your website visitors that you are a great source of information on the topic of dentistry.

More valuable than comparable sites: You can bet that your competitors have also realized the value of good content. Try to provide more information and advice in your content than the competition in your local area.

Credible: Show your dental practice’s authority with the use of the latest research, and links when supporting the arguments made in your articles.

Unique: The content of your site should be distinctive enough to stand out in a crowd of comparable information on the topic that the user is searching for. This means it can’t be content duplicated from other websites.

Regularly Updated: Search engines love fresh content, so make sure you are posting at regular intervals to stay competitively ranked.

Engaging: Pepper your content with useful and relevant images and other media that support the points you are trying to make in your content.

Conversational in tone: Search is undergoing a revolution at present with more and more searches being conducted via voice-activated speakers such as Alexa and Google Home. By producing content that is more conversational in tone, you will future-proof your content from likely future changes to search engine algorithms.

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