Spring Cleaning for Your Practice’s Digital Presence 


Spring Cleaning for Your Practice’s Digital Presence 

Spring is a season for fresh starts and new beginnings. Everyone thinks the reset begins on New Year’s, but that’s not the case. It more likely happens when the days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and the flowers come out. In these times, you’re more inclined to see things from a new perspective.

That’s what makes spring a great time to take stock of your online presence and make some changes. The world of digital marketing is constantly shifting, and your work is never completely done, so it’s time to get some spring cleaning done!

Cleaning out your digital marketing campaign is similar to cleaning out your house. In the end, you’ll have a more versatile marketing strategy with a clear vision to help your dental practice expand. Here are some tips!

Refresh your social media presence

Spring cleaning is a great time to give your social media accounts a makeover. Make sure that all of your profile photos are recent and important to your dental practice brand. It’s also a good idea to look at your social media ads to see if they need to be updated.

Before you continue with your clean-up, take a look at your social media feeds and try to see them from your audience’s eyes. Are your graphics a little worn out? Is your presence becoming monotonous? If this is the case, it might be time to update your feeds with new kinds of content.

Take out the (website) trash

If you updated your website more than a year ago, some content has probably become obsolete. This can take the form of broken links, missing photos, or pages that your website no longer requires.

Now is the ideal time to get rid of all of the digital clutter. If you come across any useless pages or broken links, salvage what you can and discard the rest. Seeing several problems all over your website is a clear indication that it needs to be updated.

Respond to your reviews

It’s critical to respond to reviews, whether positive or negative, to demonstrate to your customers and search engines your dedication to customer satisfaction. You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to win dental patients, and now it’s time to keep them. You run the risk of increasing customer turnover if you don’t respond to reviews. Online reviews can no longer be treated as a one-way or static flow of data. To provide an open communication channel, dental practices must always connect and engage with their patients, current or former.

Examine your ad campaigns

An ad campaign’s performance or efficacy cannot be measured precisely. You can’t tell how many sales dollars each ad dollar generates, but some methods can help you figure out if your ads are working.

You can track service purchases, new customers, information requests, phone inquiries, dental practice traffic, website traffic, and click-through rates to see how successful your advertising campaign is.

Of course, your ultimate aim could be to increase overall business. Still, your overall goal should be more precise: to increase sales of your new Invisalign service, to raise brand awareness, to increase volume over the Fall, or to grow your business in a specific region. Be sure to adapt your assessment strategies to fit your objectives as you work toward your target.

Time to put your cleaning gloves on

While you’re spring-cleaning your home, you may as well keep the momentum going and clean up your digital marketing as well. It’s a lot of work, but when you see increased traffic to your website and interaction with your brand, you’ll be happy you spent the time to concentrate on digital marketing!

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