Pros & Cons: Website Templates vs. Custom Design

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Pros & Cons: Website Templates vs. Custom Design

Every dental practice nowadays has a website. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you must bring something genuinely unique to the table. And it all starts with your website.

If you’re inexperienced with web design methodologies, two main approaches to developing your website are 1) with a template design and 2) with a custom build.

Template web design

A website template is a web page or series of pre-built web pages. They’re frequently turned into ready-to-use webpages using HTML and CSS. All templates are editable, which means you may change the styling, layout, and colors to match your desired aesthetic appeal, branding strategy, and functionality.

Pros and cons of template site design


Low-cost: The cost of a web template is determined by its complexity and customizability restrictions. Overall, it’s a cost-effective web page design option.

Quick: In only a few days, you may create and launch a brand-new templated website. When the website is entirely customized and loaded with information, it is ready to live.

The designs are straightforward: Generic web themes are created with the goal of familiarity and simplicity. The website’s essential architecture remains the same, even if the layout and structure alter between themes.


Little customization: Even if there are thousands of templates to pick from, you may only discover a few that meet your needs. That means you may have to sacrifice design or functionality to use the closest template to your requirements.

Support is scarce: If they give any kind of customer service, most web template manufacturers will charge you by the hour to rectify faults or make specific alterations.

Custom web design

Unlike a generic template design, a personalized web design is customized to your dental practice. The site is carefully tailored to your target audience to complying with your marketing plan. Custom web design begins from the ground up, including the site’s logo, purpose, and functionality into the fundamental foundations of each page.

Pros and cons of custom web design


Completely customizable:  Unlike with templates, the site fits into your business strategy rather than the other way around. Second, you can have whatever feature, layout, or function you want to meet your e-commerce and online trading requirements. In the end, a custom site design is unique. It becomes ingrained in your brand, style, and culture, making it easier to advertise your dental practice online.

You work with an expert: Custom web development is a team effort between the developer and the client. Working with a true pro provides you with invaluable design input. We will assist you in better understanding the location and avoiding costly investment blunders along the road. On the other side, you might never fully comprehend what some of a template’s features or functionalities do or the thought process that went into creating them.


A bigger investment: Creating a website from the ground up is a greater investment. However, the investment is offset by other financial returns in the long run.

It takes more time to build: it can take a team of professionals anything from a few weeks to a few months to design a site, depending on its complexity.

Which should I choose: a template or a custom website?

Now that you know the distinctions between custom and off-the-shelf template websites, you only have to decide whether you want a template or a custom-built site.

If you want a distinctively branded website, high-quality and versatile, choosing between a custom build and a template-based design is simple. Working with a competent web design and development service to create a custom-designed site from the ground up is far superior to searching the internet for generic templates and slapping them together hurriedly.

A custom website allows maximum web optimization and personalization, whereas a templated website cannot. Contact us today to learn more about how our custom builds can help your dental practice grow.