Keep Your Website Secure with an SSL Certificate

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Keep Your Website Secure with an SSL Certificate

If you’re starting a new website for your hearing practice, you will probably be wondering which elements your website will need. Given that you are almost probably on a budget, you will most likely divide these tools into two categories: those that you really need and those that aren’t essential but would be nice to have. The idea is that you pursue what you know you’ll need and save anything else for later.

If you’re wondering if you need an SSL certificate, The answer is an unequivocal yes. Here is some information on why your hearing practice website needs SSL.

How Does SSL Work?

The term “SSL” stands for “Secure Socket Layer,” and these data files are used to establish secure connections between a browser and a web server. The files bind your server’s name or domain to your firm’s name and location when they do so. This allows your clients to communicate sensitive data to your website without fear of it being seen by unauthorized third parties. Only some corporations, referred to as Certificate Authorities (CAs), are authorized to issue valid SSL certificates.

These certificates work by encrypting and decrypting data using two cryptographic keys. For example, a consumer may want to sign up for a consultation and provide you with their contact information. When their browser recognizes and accepts your SSL certificate, the data is encrypted during transit using a public cryptographic key, allowing you to view the details without exposing them to any unauthorized parties.

Reasons why you need an SSL Certificate


When individuals surf the internet, they are always aware — at least subconsciously — that sharks are present in the ocean and maybe swimming close. Hackers, identity thieves, and other predators like to loiter in sites where people reveal personal information in the hopes of stealing and exploiting the information. 

SSL certificates enable hearing practices to protect their customers from these fraudsters by encrypting sensitive data while it is being transmitted. Hearing practices that collect user information on the internet can also secure themselves and keep their customers’ personal information private. While this is not the only type of website security you can obtain, it is a very fundamental one that you should get. Your future patients will appreciate it.

Increased Conversions

Many potential patients will leave a site if anything signals that their connection with your website is not secure — and Google Chrome browsers do identify insecure websites as such — before anything happens to them. This can lead to high bounce rates.

SSL certificates eliminate that problem, as well as the associated stigma, from your website. People will be more likely to stay on your website and supply the personal information you require if they see it is secure. Also, they will have enough faith in you to offer their information and set up the hearing test. Bounce rates can be reduced, and conversions can be increased if you show you care about website security as much as your website visitors do.

Better Search Engine Optimization

You obviously want your website to appear as high in the search results as possible. To increase your ranking, you must make necessary changes to your website following the guidelines given forth by search engines such as Google. Website security is one of the qualities that Google’s algorithm favors, and obtaining an SSL certificate is an easy way to show that your site has it.

No search engine wants to send people to dangerous websites since it’s not only unethical, but it also tarnishes their reputation for keeping their customers safe. If the SEO quality of your website is identical to that of a competitor, but they have an SSL certificate and you don’t. In that case, Google and other search engines may rank you lower.

Peace of Mind

Most, if not all, internet users are aware that certain portions of the internet could expose them to viruses, hackers, and other threats that could steal their most sensitive information. Still, many individuals want to do business online. Therefore they exercise caution when visiting sites that are not affiliated with large businesses.

Obtaining an SSL certificate demonstrates that your client’s information is secure and that your practice places a premium on consumer data protection. Instead of questioning whether or not your site is secure, users can just look for the “HTTPS” and lock symbol next to your domain name — plus a security seal if you really want to make it apparent — and feel secure.

Now you know how important it is to get an SSL certificate, why not contact us today to have one set up for your hearing practice?