6 Steps to Build Trust with Your Website

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6 Steps to Build Trust with Your Website

The internet has the potential to be a dangerous place. People are cautious about anything they do on the internet, whether they are merely looking or making transactions. As a result, it might be difficult to acquire people’s trust in your website, due to concerns about things like credit card fraud and identity theft.

Here are some of the key ways that your dental website can build trust with your visitors.

An SSL certificate

The URL is a website’s first opportunity to build trust. A website visitor will want to make sure that the website is secure, regardless of the content. Although most website providers offer HTTPS websites, some still fall short at the first hurdle. 

The padlock to the URL left indicates that the URL is HTTPS rather than HTTP, indicating that the site is secure. Consider converting to HTTPS if your website isn’t already safe; HTTPS sites currently account for 50% of all web traffic.


Are you part of the American Dental Association? Your potential patients would love to know that! Industry partners, relevant accreditations, certificates, and accolades can also help dental practice owners establish credibility. Any emblem associated with excellent practices or successes can help to build trust.

A compelling ‘about ‘page

This may seem insignificant, but it may go a long way toward establishing trust and rapport with new and returning guests. In addition, it has the potential to turn first-time readers into regular visitors. People dislike dealing with faceless companies. 

When you construct an about page in the proper manner, you give your dental practice a personality. Adding a personal touch makes you and your site appear more approachable, increasing the likelihood of new patients. For example, show a photo of each team member along with a description of their capabilities if you have a large group. It will give prospective clients a sense of who they might be working with on their project.

Photographs of you!

People prefer to do business with other people rather than faceless corporations. Adding a human touch to your website might help you gain trust. When you show your face, people are more likely to believe what you have to say.

This accomplishes two objectives. Showing your face not only helps people recognize you, but it also helps them trust you. When you can’t attach a face to a name, it isn’t easy to establish confidence and authority with a website.

Showing a professionally shot, well-dressed photo of yourself demonstrates to visitors that you strongly believe in your business. Not only will your website be more appealing, but visitors are more likely to recall a person if they have a mental image of them.


This is one of the most effective techniques to increase customer confidence in your dental services. It attests to the quality of your job if you can show several people willing to submit verified quotes endorsing your company. It also adds a human element, which helps break down the barriers that people commonly construct when surfing the web.

People want to be a part of something. They want the same results when you prove that you’ve solved some of the same challenges that other people have encountered with your products or services. In addition, they recognize that your services can address their problems when they identify with one person in your testimonials section, which usually leads to a sale. 

A blog with useful advice

In addition to your sales content, providing helpful information, like advice or how-to guides, quickly creates trust with visitors to your site. They come seeking knowledge, and if you take the time to provide them useful, free advice, it will open their eyes to everything else you have to offer. 

Establishing authority and understanding in your business go hand in hand with building trust. Providing helpful information establishes a rapport with your website visitors. You’ll get repeat traffic if you do this regularly.

In an industry where personal relationships are frequently used to make choices, trust can be a company’s most valuable asset. As a result, the website plays a vital role in the trust-building process. When people trust you, you’ll get more traffic and eventually more patient leads. Looking for help on building trust in your dental practice? Contact us today!