3 Reasons Your Dental Practice Needs a Blog

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3 Reasons Your Dental Practice Needs a Blog

As people emerge from this pandemic with money to spend and dental issues to resolve, you have to maximize every tool available to bring patients back to your dental practice. Adding blog articles to your website’s digital marketing efforts is one method to expand your reach without investing a lot of time or money.

In the world of digital marketing, blogs have already had multiple lives. They dropped out of favor after making a strong showing in earlier editions of the internet. Now that blogs have returned, it’s time for you to make use of them as well.

The advantages of having a blog for your dental office

It will give your SEO a boost

Your goal is to attract new visitors to your website and then persuade them to buy what you have to offer. Providing fresh material in a specific area of your website might help you rank better in search engine results and assist your SEO efforts. 

When blog content is done correctly, it increases the relevancy and authority of your dental practice website in the eyes of your website visitors and the eyes of Google. This is especially true when the material contains strategic keywords that correspond to what people actively search for.

When your company’s website starts to rank higher in search engine results due to these content/keyword techniques, it’s more likely to be clicked, which means you’ve just expanded your pool of possible clients. It’s all because you’ve made a fresh addition to your website.

It solidifies your standing as a local dental expert 

You are an expert in the field of dentistry. A blog allows you to share what you’ve learned. People will seek you out if you are consistent with your posts, including tips and techniques, and offer ways to maintain good dental health. Hopefully, both on the blog and wherever you sell what you love, whether it’s on your website or in person, you’ll be successful.

You can build relationships with potential patients

Relationships are the foundation of any business. Customers who feel appreciated come back to you for reliable information and maybe even the odd root canal. Your blog is a great way to connect with people, both current and new consumers.

Your website is essential in today’s business environment, yet it is a static platform. People locate you, visit your site for a while, possibly leave their contact information, decide whether or not to book an appointment, and then depart. A blog on your website allows people to engage with you and learn more about who you are and what you have to offer. This provides them an incentive to return: to continue talking with you.

It gives you something to share on social media

Although it’s tempting to look at each component of your marketing plan in isolation, they’re all meant to work together like cogs in the sales wheel. Customers can either buy directly from your website or be directed to a natural place to do so.

Getting people to visit your website is crucial. Social media, which has billions of daily users, and a blog on your website are two methods you can use to do this. They locate you, come to see you, start a conversation with you on your blog, and then book an appointment. Even better, if your site has quality content, they will share it on social media. Shared content attracts an additional layer of readers directed back to your website. Hopefully, those new visitors will become regular readers, sharers, and eventually patients.

More people will visit your website

Dental practices that take the time to add a blog page to their website see a 55 percent increase in site views. Those figures are significant and must not be overlooked. Your blog will be an additional page of helpful information on your website, increasing search engines’ likelihood of locating it.

Time to add this key marketing tool to your toolbox

As you can see, having a blog page on your website makes good commercial sense. It will necessitate the addition of consistent, high-quality content and deliberate monitoring and follow-up, but the long-term benefits will be well worth the effort.

We can create a professional blog page on your site for you and keep it updated with new, relevant information if you don’t have the time or energy to do it. Contact us today to obtain help setting up a blog for your dental practice website.