3 Reasons to Give Google Ads a Try

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3 Reasons to Give Google Ads a Try

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising allows marketers to only pay when a user clicks on their ad. Using this online marketing technique, marketers can place adverts in the sponsored results portion of a search engine’s results page.

Marketers bid on the perceived value of a click to appear when the proper keywords and audience requirements are matched. The ad appears in the sponsored links section of the results page, and when the ad is clicked, a small fee is collected. This was how the term Pay-Per-Click was coined. 

Google offers the most popular PPC advertising programs. It’s a PPC service that lets you build and run advertisements for your company. After that, these clickable adverts appear in Google’s search results. 

Google Ads excels when integrating with a more extensive digital marketing campaign. Few other search ad platforms even come close to matching Google Ads’ efficacy as a strategy for attracting new dental patients from search engine results.

If you’re asking if Google Ads are effective, the answer is yes. Here are some advantages of using Google Ads to increase brand awareness and business for your dental practice. 

Success that can be measured

The fact that practically every element is easily measured is maybe one of the most psychologically satisfying advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing strategies.

Because you don’t get clear feedback on what modification had what effect and what particular measure you took directly raised or decreased your search ranks, it can be challenging to assess the genuine impact of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts adequately. A skilled specialist can spot the trends before too much money is spent on this type of advertising, resulting in secure and measurable outcomes long before the advertising is paid for at the end of the month.

Google Ads comes with a wide range of PPC metrics and analytics tools that run in the background, quietly and swiftly retrieving your analytics information without you having to lift a finger.

It’s the perfect complement to your SEO efforts

One disadvantage of depending entirely on SEO for high search engine rankings is that, in some unlucky instances, you may not observe any sharp-edged results from your efforts for months. This is because of the highly competitive nature of the digital marketing industry. It always takes a little work and serious strategy to claim your rank and demonstrate your digital presence online.

This is not how Google Ads works. Ads, like most Google actions, are ‘instant. Your dental practice ads will appear in Google search engine results and Google partner sites when your Ads campaign goes live. This will start bringing you traffic and results much faster than you could have expected in most circumstances.

Within 48 hours, you will have valuable feedback data from your Ads campaign, which you can analyze to understand better your audience’s demographics and credentials, as well as what will be the trigger that converts your website traffic into qualified leads, or even better, shiny new dental patients.

Control at the granular level

It’s up to you how much money you want to spend each day, and you’ll get an accurate estimate of how well your ad will work.

You may also examine how you compare to your dental practice competitors, as well as how much more or less money you’d have to spend to move up or down the ranks. You’ve been given a lot of power, and you’re now the master of your advertising campaign.

You may then budget your campaign and analyze your return on investment. As a result, you can dig deep into the inner workings of your advertising and calculate the actual cost of the investment. You won’t have to worry about going over budget because the ad will turn off when your quota is met.

Google Ad campaigns offer enough advantages for every dental practice to consider them. However, properly utilizing the power of this search engine marketing strategy necessitates a certain amount of expertise. Dr. Websites has made it a priority to assist dental practices like yours in getting the most out of their websites and marketing, and we’d love to hear from you to see how we can assist you.