Tips for Engaging with Your Facebook Audience


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In the United States, social media marketing is currently widely regarded as one of the most effective tools for engaging with your audience. 

Incorporating social media into your dental practice’s current marketing strategy is critical to gaining an advantage over your dental practice competitors. Social media marketing opens up many doors for you, allowing you to reach out to patients in new ways and establish a community with your online presence. This can lead to more traffic to your landing page and higher conversion rates.

As one of the pioneers in social media marketing and a platform with 1.84 billion daily active users, a Facebook account for your practice is a must. Here’s how to best engage with your audience on Facebook. 

Determine Who Your Target Market Is

When you know who you’re talking to, it’s a lot easier to craft your message. Consider your target client’s usual age range, geography, values, and pain points.


A visual post will engage your audience far more than a text post. Don’t settle for uninteresting stock photos. Whether it is original photos of your employees behind the scenes, selfies that illustrate the personal aspect of your clinic, or images that inspire involvement, the right photos will help to humanize your practice. 

If you have to use stock photos, add a quote or a personalized message for your followers to make them more tailored to your marketing efforts.


Video content and social media are inextricably linked, and videos are an excellent way to swiftly communicate any message you want in a visually appealing and transparent way.  Make sure your videos are relevant to your audience’s interests and worth their time to view, just like the rest of your social media content. You could try shooting a video tour of your dental practice or a condensed “day in the life” style video on being a dentist as a first video.

Ask questions

Asking a question to your audience is a terrific way to start a dialogue with them. Maybe they could be thorny questions like “How much do you really floss?” or something more light-hearted like “Who has the best smile in showbiz?”

You can also answer common questions for your patients. Keep in mind that the purpose of social media is to humanize your practice, so don’t be hesitant to show off your personality. In your doctor’s Q & A answer questions like “What is the best thing a patient has ever said to you?” or “What is your favorite weekend activity?”

Share patient testimonials

Using social media to provide patient testimonials with your audience allows your followers to hear real stories from actual individuals, demonstrating your dental practice’s skill. 

Potential patients will better understand what you do and how satisfied other patients have been after visiting your office for dental care. The anecdotes you offer with potential patients will help them trust your company on a more personal level. This will allow you to share positive feedback and extraordinary patient experiences, providing you with an advantage in this industry.

However, keep in mind that medical information can be delicate. Always obtain permission before using a patient’s story or photograph, and never reveal personal information.

Utilize Facebook Ads

Paid advertisements are an excellent approach to engage with your target demographic. Page Like Campaigns, Lead Generation, Messenger are just a few of the campaign types available.

The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can target your audience precisely, down to their favorite shows and hobbies. More than 30 features and behaviors can be used to distinguish these targeted groups, and each ad group can be saved and used again and again.

When offering specialty operations such as dental crowns or root canals to particular demographics, it will work in your favor.

You don’t have to handle all of the social media marketing for your dentistry office on your own. You can always hire a reputable digital marketing firm to handle the majority of the job for you. That’s where we come in! Contact us today to get the ball rolling.