Boost Your Local Search Rankings with Google My Business

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Boost Your Local Search Rankings with Google My Business

Google My Business (or GMB) is a Google-powered local business listing service and is a great way to generate more local leads for your dental practice. People are more motivated when they search for a product or service near them – according to Search Engine Land, 78 percent of local mobile searches result in a purchase in-store or online. This is the type of motivated search engine user you want to attract to your practice.

How does Google My Business help your local SEO?

Three factors mainly determine Google’s local search ranking:

  • Relevance, which refers to how effectively your business matches the searcher’s needs. You can provide specific information about your company to help Google understand it better.
  • The distance between your business and the searcher. The closer a searcher is to your company, the higher your rating will be.
  • Prominence, which refers to how well-known your company is. It is based on information Google already possesses about your dental practice, and it could be in the form of links, articles, or directories all over the internet.

Some of the advantages of having a GMB profile are as follows:

  • Improved Google Local Rank

Google prioritizes businesses with a Google My Business listing in local searches. If you don’t have one, your competitors will take your place. Additionally, it aids in the improvement of your website’s ranking by displaying your company’s offerings next to relevant local searches.

  • Greater visibility in your local area

GMB displays your business listing based on the services given by your practice by tracking the location of users based on their search area. As a result, local traffic to your website and visitors to your physical store will increase.

  • More patient satisfaction

Google prefers to display accurate information about a company on the internet. You must verify your location to use Google My Business, and you can’t just pick whatever address you want at random. And it’s no secret that search engine users see companies with verified information as trustworthy. As a result, people understand that GMB listings are more trustworthy than other listings.

How to optimize your GMB listing for success

Are you ready to personalize your Google My Business? Pay close attention to the details to ensure that you’ve included accurate and complete information. You don’t want to leave anything out that your customers might have to infer.

Fill up the blanks with accurate and complete business information. Include information outlining what type of services your business provides, where it is located, how customers can receive your services, and hours of operation as a general guideline.

Optimize keywords in Google My Business. Make careful to include particular keywords and search phrases linked with your business as you submit content.

Upload photos and videos. According to Google Support, Google My Business listings with images receive 42 percent more driving directions inquiries, so add photos, and you’re one step closer to attracting more dental patients!

Verify the information on your Google My Business listing. Once the listing has been claimed or created, the verification procedure can begin. This stage takes about a week to complete, but it is vital because it completes your listing’s web presence.

Maintain your profile. To keep your Google My Business page optimal, you’ll need to make sure that your information is up-to-date and that you’re responding to any actions that occur, such as customer reviews. Customers want to see contact between businesses and their customers, with 30% indicating that review responses are essential when deciding on a firm. This also demonstrates that your company prioritizes client input. It would help if you also took advantage of Google Posts, often known as “little google advertisements,” which appear in Google search results on your listing.

Imagine a new patient who walks into your practice and says they found you on Google – They tracked you down! It’s time to stop dreaming about it and make it a reality because Google My Business makes it all possible. Take use of this Google-provided free tool to begin attracting, engaging, and converting new dental patients immediately. If you need help setting up and maintaining your profile, contact us at Dr. Websites today.