Attract New Patients with a Fresh, Modern Web Presence


Attract New Patients with a Fresh, Modern Web Presence

Nearly 80% of Americans use the Internet to search for health information, and 54% of them search for healthcare providers in particular. With these numbers, it’s no wonder that there are over 11 million Internet searches for dentists within a given month.

An essential part of your online presence and marketing activities is your website. A web page is just as crucial for your dental practice as an actual physical storefront. Today’s customers infer volumes about your dental practice, your staff, and even the efficiency of your care with only a cursory glance at your online presence.

Your website’s design and purpose should inspire the same confidence in you as it does when patients step into your waiting room. When attracting new patients, it is vital to think of your website as your digital dental office.

But what if you haven’t updated your site in a while? Is it still up to scratch? Here are some telltale signs that you need to consider a redesign:

Your website isn’t designed for mobile users. 

If your website is not designed for smartphones in a world full of smartphones, you may lose essential leads and even clients.

According to a Salesforce study, eighty-three percent of mobile users say it is essential to have a seamless experience across all devices. People want to access information when and where they need it, and they will search elsewhere if your website does not provide it to them.

Also, Google penalizes pages that do not have mobile responsiveness, meaning you’ll pop up in fewer searches for your products and services.

It’s tricky to navigate through your website.

When a potential patient visits your site, you want them to navigate through your pages easily. You don’t want them to struggle to find the information they are looking for. That’s why your website navigation needs to be intuitive so that your visitors can find what they need without too much fuss. If it’s too difficult to find what they need, they will go somewhere else, and that might be your direct competitor.

Your website looks outdated.

Seventy-five percent of website users will judge the reputation of your business based solely on your website. 

Is your website keeping pace with developments in web design? With industry-specific web design trends evolving every few years, a two or three-year-old website might appear outdated.

We’re not saying that you should forever be chasing the latest website design trends. But you should keep a close eye on the design trends of dental practices of a similar size to yours and see if you are keeping up. 

Your website has a low conversion rate and a high bounce rate.

One of the most common reasons for redesigning your website is that you aren’t getting the results you are looking for. This can involve not getting enough appointments or not having your contact form filled out by enough potential patients. 

Your website should be your best marketing tool to help you accomplish your business objectives. Flawed website design might be the culprit if it isn’t achieving your goals. Perhaps nobody is filling out your contact form, for instance, because your call to action is not clear enough. Your buttons might not be standing out from the rest of your pages. Or maybe your website visitors do not know what action they should be taking. These are things to consider when building pages that convert. 

A ‘bounce’ is when a user exits your website quickly, without interacting with it at all. If your website has a high bounce rate, it might indicate something wrong with your website’s overall feel or that it isn’t loading fast enough. A website redesign will solve both of these issues.

Dr. Websites

If you’re struggling with a poor user interface, you’re not getting desired results, or it isn’t being built for a mobile audience, a website redesign might be the answer. Are you looking for some help? We have years of experience building websites tailored for the unique needs of healthcare professionals.